Wednesday, May 11, 2011

About Rev. Russell Coffee and Anchor Point

Anchor Point Foundation "Anchor Point" grew from the effort to find help for one individual who had seriously tried a variety of drug rehabilitation options - with no success. After forty years of evangelistic work, Russ Coffey, himself attempting to help a fellow minister recover from what looked like an endless cycle of rehab programs. No hope seemed possible. The year was 2002. Through a determined belief in Bible-based teachings Russ found that success for this one man was, in fact, possible. The chain of addiciton was finally broken.

From what Reverend Coffey learned in 2002 and 2003, came a string of successful rehab placements in July, 2004. Anchor Point Foundation, Inc. was established as a 501(c3) tax exempt organization. Anchor Point's mission is to offer all who battle life controlling addictions the opportunity for healing and recovery through Christ and a long-term Bible-based residential program for rehabilitation.

In the early days Rev. Coffey sought out conventional methods of rehabilation for those seeking help, among them the 12-Step Method. Although helpful, the Anchor Point Board of Directors agreed that improvements could be made and that an alternative method must be offered. As a result, Anchor Point focused on what became a Christ-centered long-term residential program for the total healing of the invidividual - body, mind and spirit. This led to the development of criticial relationships with large groups of BIble-based rehab centers across the United States.

By simply paying attention to what was truly working - Anchor Point's leadership, in the ensuing years, developed a solid set of referral tools. By utilizing these tools and techniques, on the front-end of a referral, in combination with the selection of just the right residential rehab program, Anchor Point has produced an incredible success rate; to God be the Glory.

With a growing number of clients in long-term residential rehab centers, currently over 400+ clients, Anchor Point realized a need for a weekly support group in the community. The Anchor Point Support Group has become a very important aspect of a client's rehabilitation. Offering real help, not only to perspective clients, but to graduates. Anchor Point assists in meeting the emotional needs of the entire familiy while the loved one is away in recovery.

Anchor Point's work has grown to include it's "Churches Adopting the Recovering," a two year mentoring program for each graduate, and a "12 Steps with Christ" out-patient rehab program and other related programs.
All of this work is accomplished through the dedication of Executive Director, Russell Coffey, the Governing Board, and what has grown to be a Volunteer Staff of 12+ - all very faithful and passionate to the cause. Together as a team, we are committed to serving our community as a non-demoninational, non-sectarian organization for the health and wellness of our Citizens. We are building upon this past work in concert with every church, civic organization and our judicial system for the improvement of our society and community. Successful graduates number around 200 who have prospered, accounting for more then a 95% success rate.


Unknown said...

I would like to know what education, certification, etc Mr. Coffey has that qualifies him to "rehabilitate" the people he speaks of. Do you actually have some kid of degree in the mental health field? Maybe he has had some official/professional schooling in counseling? I understand he is a reverend. But if he has no education regarding his counseling. I guess anyone could call themselves a counselor.

Unknown said...

I need info on the program and where it is located.