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In Memorium-Rev. R.W. Schambach


In Loving Memory of RW Schambach

April 3, 1926 - January 17, 2012

Legendary father of faith, R.W. Schambach, was received by the Lord to his reward Tuesday, January 17, when his heart failed. His life and ministry were a divine military mission, which began on a destroyer of the coast of Japan in WWII. He and his wife Winn served in international crusades, inner-city tent meetings, bringing countless thousands to the saving knowledge of Jesus for over 6 decades. Thank you as you lift the family up in prayer!

Sister Donna Schambach has requested, in lieu of flowers, to please consider making a financial contribution to the ongoing work of Schambach Ministries. We thank you for your love, prayers, and support during this time.

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Memorial Service

Friday, February 3rd @ 7pm

Rose Heights Church of God
2120 Old Omen Road
Tyler, TX 75701-6299

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R.W. Schambach: Biography

He's declared it for over five decades, "YOU DON'T HAVE ANY TROUBLE...ALL YOU NEED IS FAITH IN GOD!" The classic gospel message of faith and power made a lasting impact wherever he traveled. Rev. R.W. Schambach devoted his life to preaching the pure gospel of Jesus Christ, believing that when Jesus Christ is presented as the living Savior of the world, signs and wonders will confirm the Truth. Through the years, Brother Schambach's ministry has been marked by mass conversions and New Testament miracles.

A commanding voice and the gift of faith distinguished Brother Schambach's ministry through multi-media outreaches, including the Voice of Power radio and television programs. In most nations of the world, the gospel of power has been preached in simple, direct fashion

Perhaps the greatest trademark of R.W. Schambach was the gospel tent. He traveled with large and small tents with capacities of 2000-8000 seats into every major city in the United States. Drug addicts, prostitutes, homeless people, alcoholics, backsliders and many broken people found deliverance through Jesus Christ under the tent.

Brother Schambach's ministry to the hurting was received in many nations of the world: throughout Europe, Russia, India, Asia, the Philippines, Africa, the West Indies, Central America, and South America.

Many have viewed R.W. Schambach as a senior statesman of the Pentecostal community, because of 65 years of fruitful ministry. He and his wife, Mary Schambach, dedicated their lives to helping multitudes come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and their ministry continues raising up a future generation of soul winners who operate in the full power of the Holy Ghost.

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Bits & Bytes for Bagley Backers-January 2011

Bits & Bytes for Bagley Backers
January 2012
Bob, Brenda, and Mary Beth at Adventure Golf
One of the privileges of our position and location is that we have the honor of hosting many of our missionaries as they pass through Johannesburg to and from their places of service. This past month we have had more than the normal flow of visitors. They have included:
  1. Sue Allport, Australian volunteer missionary to Mozambique, along with her daughter and granddaughter stayed with us overnight before heading to Mozambique for the Christmas holidays.
  2. Our youngest daughter, Mary Beth Bagley, visited with us over her Christmas break from Southern Wesleyan University where she has one year to go before graduating with a degree in elementary education.
  3. Zach, Lyndy, and Isaac Szmara, new missionaries to Mozambique spent Christmas with us. They have had a rough adjustment to life and ministry in Nampula and will be returning to the U.S. soon for a period of recovery and recuperation.
  4. Zambian missionaries, Mike and Cindy Helvie, spent about a week with us while they worked on mission books with Jerry Manwaring and had additional time to recover from repeated infections of malaria.
  5. Orai and Linda Lehman, veteran missionaries from Mozambique dropped by for a couple of days for a visit and consultations.
  6. Dorcas and Matthias Croft had a brief overnight stay with us on their way back to Swaziland after a seven-month stint on home ministry. It was obvious they were both anxious to get "home".
The Christmas season is often a lonely time for missionaries. But, thanks to the guests who passed through our home this past month, our lives were enriched as we celebrated the birth of Christ with members of our missionary family.

A New District is Launched in Southern Africa
Rev. Doctor Galela, Southern Africa Regional Superintendent at the recent Regional Youth Camp
At the recent Regional Board of Administration meeting, the Wesleyan Church of Southern Africa launched a new Pioneer District, to be known as the Northern Free State and Lesotho District. This comes as an outgrowth and expansion from the Kimberly and Greater Mangaung District. Inclusion of Lesotho in the District is an expression of the vision of the church because we have not planted any churches there yet. However, the church has begun the process of laying the groundwoirk for a launch into western Lesotho.

Panama Conferences Coming Right Up

At the end of this month two conferences will take place in Panama City, Panama with major significance for the work of Global Partners in Africa.

The International Conference of the Wesleyan Church meets January 27-29, for the first time outside of North America. Representatives from the Wesleyan Church all across the world will spend time in fellowship together and discussing matters of significance for the global church.

African leaders in Panama for the ICWC will stay on for two additional days, January 30-31, for an African Leaders' Summit. The leaders will make presentations and be discussing issues of critical importance for the African church: "The Challenge of the Harvest"; "The Challenge of Financial Sustainability"; "The Challenge of NonBiblical Theologies"; and "The Challenge of Ministry Training".

Praise Points
1. Mike & Cindy Helvie have returned to Zambia much improved in health and with their strength recovered.

2. The Southern Africa Regional Youth Camp saw an enrollment of over 300 campers and was marked by God's working in the lives of the young people.

3. With much travel over the Christmas period, God has again given our missionary family safety in their travels.

4. Dr. Alfred Kalembo, Zambian National Superintendent was the speaker at the Council of Churches retreat in Zambia.

5. Praise God for the new preaching point in Cold Water, Sierra Leone established through the Jesus Film Ministry.

Prayer Requests
1. Ask for God to help Zach & Lyndy Szmara as they spend time at home to recoup.

2. Pray that God will help Rev. Doctor Galela as he visits Zimbabwe and tries to encourage the church there.

3. Pray that visas will be granted to the ICWC delegates who have not yet received them.

4. Ask for God to watch over all of the delegates as they travel to Panama from across the globe.

5. Ask God to give the conference members wisdom as they debate and make decisions for the future of the Wesleyan Church worldwide.

6. Ask God to help African leaders to clearly identify the positive steps forward they need to take as they face the challenges of seeing the work in Africa continue to advance.

7. Pray that God will reward the leaders in Southern Africa with an abundant harvest as they begin work in Lesotho.

Support Report

As we write this newsletter, our support for the month is down from usual - perhaps due to the holiday season. But, for the financial year our support is still positive thanks to the generous and faithful giving of those who stand behind us. May God richly bless you for your faithfulness.

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