Monday, July 25, 2011

Its Campmeeting Time Again!

Its that time again. Summer rolls by fast, even with hot weather and all. Chandler Camp-Meeting begins Sunday Night July 31th with our annual Prayer service. World Gospel Missions Missionary to Africa, April Hershberger will be sharing with on on Monday night at 7:00PM. John and Linda Blair will be with us 7:00PM nightly Tuesday 2nd through Saturday the 6th, then at the concluding Service on Sunday the 7th at 6:00PM. Please be in prayer as our workers travel and for the Camp-Meeting. As always, Camp will be held inside the Air-Conditioned Sanctuary of Chander Nazarene Church if weather at meeting time is 80 degrees or above.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Remembering "Old School" Technology

Don't Forget the Old-School Technology

By Jennifer Armitage |Wesleyan Life Online/ Released: Jul. 14, 2011 | In: Blog Feature

With the popularity of iPods and other mp3 players, many churches have utilized podcasts to reach out across the world with great success. But are we making sure that we are not so excited to embrace the new that we throw out the old too soon?

Not everyone has an mp3 player or streams audio online, but cars still have built-in CD players. Sermons on CD still have uses for those who are not mp3 savvy. Or just haven’t charged their iPod. It’s a cheap and easy way to put a message in the hands of your congregation.

Here are some people it will specifically benefit:

1. New People
A CD with two or three different sermons makes a great addition to a new attender packet or even to offer to new attendees. If your church has a special day with testimonies and baptisms and a first-time attender that day, they don’t really get a good idea of what the message or tone of the church is really like. You can give them the option to get a real feel for your church beyond that day’s service.

2. Absentees
When regular attenders miss a week or three, it can be easy for them to feel out of the loop and eventually drift away. By having the last sermon or the current sermon series available for free on CD, they can catch up and still feel connected.

3. Seniors
Many seniors, including the shut-in seniors who can’t come during bad weather or at all, have CD players at home. It’s most likely a technology they have mastered, and won’t take a long orientation. They can still get fed by the church they love, even if their circumstances prevent it.

4. Anyone Who Has a Car with a Working CD Player
When the iPod is uncharged or left behind, even the tech masters still have a CD player in the car. Why not give them an option to pop in a CD of [Your church name]’s greatest hits? Or let people get a copy of the sermon that particularly inspired them that they can listen to in the car when they need to hear it.

As church communicators we are tasked with reaching everyone in our church no matter age, demographic, or where they are in their relationship with God. We need to make sure we keep the same outlook on our use of technology too—even if that means going back to the cassette tape (remember the plastic square with two holes that you had to turn over to listen to more than four songs?).

Jennifer Armitage is the director of communications and community outreach at Crossroads Christian Fellowship (Wesleyan) in Sacramento, Calif. Used with permission from Church Marketing Sucks.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Simos Family Ministry Update-July 2011

Hola everyone from San Pedro de Macoris, República Dominicana! (Here is a picture of San Pedro from our apartment.) On June 14th, we safely arrived after a somewhat adventurous day of traveling. Despite leaving 6 packed bags with Josh's family at the airport (which involved repacking the 10 bags we did bring while in line @ check-in), unpacking & packing through security, losing a gift on the plane, & being delayed in Miami, we were thrilled to set foot on the Dominican ground and call it home. It is true that we might have been a little frustrated, but we knew where these attacks were coming from. After 2 years of anticipation, the trials we went through on this day were not able to take our focus off our God who had brought us to this day! Actually, our God who gifts us each & every day!
Since we have arrived, we have been busy setting up our apartment. Everything from getting hot water to beds to a stove to window screens, etc. We praise God for His provision of these items and for teaching us patience as we adjust to the Dominican culture, both emotionally & physically.
Just this past week, Josh and I began Spanish classes and let me just say Dios te bendiga! It is and will be our number one priority, so please join us in prayer as we learn. We are so blessed to have our teachers (a husband & wife team)!
While school has just started for us, the kids are currently enjoying their last week of summer break before we start the 10 week VBS.
Speaking of the kids, they have already made alot of new friends in our apartment complex, not to mention reconnecting with the Hilgeman kids. While Josh and I are starting at what feels like ground zero with our Spanish, the kids have just jumped right in. There is not much of a language barrier with their friends. Thank you all for praying for our family and especially for our kids. God has certainly blessed by allowing our kids to transition well! Again, thank you and thank God!
Thank you for your prayers!
Josh, Toni, Kinsey, Elle & Gabe
Home phone 317.402.6407 (free calling from the U.S.)
Freedom Update
Equipping people to engage culture according to their design.
On Monday, July 11th, we will begin a 10 week VBS in 2 bateys here in the Dominican. Bateys are villages consisting of Haitian families of sugarcane workers. We are excited to start teaching from Creation to Christ as a foundation will be laid for discipleship. The Hilgeman's, Cline's, and Simos kids will be involved in all 10 weeks. In addition, our team will be joined by missions groups for four of the ten weeks! We will also be joined by the Mitchener's, the other members of our team who are currently in deputation. Josh & I will be in language training every day, but we hope to assist on our days off. Please join us in prayer as we begin this phase of ministry. Pray for many people to attend, safety, clear communication, accessible roads (if the roads are flooded, then we will not be able to get a vehicle back to the bateys), and for God to be glorified in each & every aspect of this ministry!

Freedom Ground Team 2011

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Special Day of Prayer & Fasting

We read of times in the Old Testament when days of Prayer and Fasting were called by the leadership of communities and nations. Jesus tells us in the New Testament that some things will only come to pass by fasting alone. God has a perfect will for our life. However, the Bible, History, Reason and Experience (The Wesleyan Quadrilateral) demonstrate that God will move through the Blessed Holy Spirit when His people humble themselves through Fasting and Prayer. We have seen many miracles of late within Boonville Wesleyan.

We are calling on those Christians who believe this to Fast and Pray for Jim (Teresa Knirs) Walker and Jim's sister Theresa (Walker) Bratcher. Jim has been battling liver cancer since December 2010. Theresa had major brain surgery in February and was given a 10% chance of recovering at that time. God touched her then, and she is having part of her scull replaced Wednesday. Jim is also having major (no such thing as minor) Wednesday July 6th also to remove an abcess on his liver. Please join with us and consider this prayerfully...Blessings keith 1 Cor 13