Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trust with all Your Heart...

Trust with All Your Heart
   Knowing God and trusting God are fully connected actions throughout the teachings in
 scripture. The more we come to know God, the more we come to trust. And as we trust 
God and find God faithful, the more we know God's goodness and love. The proverbs in 
today's reading point us to an intimate trust in God in every aspect of our lives. They
 teach us to include God in all we do and trust God to make our paths straight.
   We can trust God for wisdom, strength, provision, and instruction. God proves to us 
God's faithfulness as we demonstrate our trust in God. The more we know God, the more 
we trust. As we grow in our relationship with God, we come to trust God with all our hearts
 in all areas of our lives.
* How do the proverbs say wisdom is achieved?
* How are you challenged by the instruction to give the first of all your crops (v. 9)?
* When have you trusted in God and found God to be faithful?
* How can you become more trusting of God's good will for you?

   God, you are wise and kind and good beyond measure. Help me trust your goodness
 and seek you. And in seeking you, help me to know you. And in knowing you, help me
 to trust you more. Amen.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bits & Bytes for Bagley Backers-July 2012

Bits & Bytes for Bagley Backers
June 2012
General Conference Highlights
We returned to the States just in time to attend General Conference in Lexington, KY early this month. Highlights for us included the following:
  • It was exciting to connect with a large number of our supporters as well as people and churches who partner with the work in the Africa Area. It was also a thrill to reconnect with missionary colleagues from days gone by - including sharing a meal with Jim & Roxy Lo and Marc & Di LaPointe.
  • The African Area's official representatives were Dr. Usman Fornah (Sierra Leone), Rev. David Kajila (Cameroon), and Rev. Filipe Macaringue (Mozambique). Also present were Frances Fornah (Sierra Leoen), Brimah Samurah (Sierra Leone), and Rev. Joe Ocran (Ghana). It was great to have an extra chance to interact face-to-face again with these effective leaders.
  • During the Sunday morning service we enjoyed participating in the parade of flags  - featuring the flags of 93 nations where the Wesleyan Church has a presence. (Brenda carried the Swaziland flag, while Bob carried the Zimbabwe flag.)flags
  • ​ An offering was taken during that service to provide funding for a fresh new thrust with the Jesus Film around the world. Africa will benefit with new teams in Congo (DRC), Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and South Africa.
  • Also during the morning service we had the opportunity of serving communion with Dr. Fornah. What a privilege to serve together!communion
  • General Conference marked the retirement of Dr. H.C. Wilson from his role as General Director of Global Partners. We were privileged to share in a special farewell for him the night before conference began together with other leaders from GP as well as a number of especially invited guests. 
  • Dr. Dennis Jackson, former European Area Director for GP, was elected to take over leadership from Dr. Wilson. The Area Directors had a chance for a breakfast meeting with him the last day of conference as well as participated in meeting with the broader GP leadership that afternoon.
  • A personal highlight for us was the Tuesday morning service which featured Native American Ministries. Particularly meaningful was the public apology on behalf of the denomination by Dr. Jerry Pence to Rev. Jerry Yellowhawk for the racist attitudes and ways of the past.
The Wesleyan Church of Nigeria Begins Construction
The young church in Nigeria has just begun construction on the first Wesleyan Church in that country. Property has been purchased on the outskirts of Lagos and plans drawn for a three-story multi-purpose building which will house the church on the bottom floor and a school on the upper levels. Local church members are providing most of the labor, calling on professional services only when necessary. Rev. Andrew Bondo, a Wesleyan missionary from Liberia to Nigeria is giving direction to the project.BondoNigeria
African Leaders Pass Away

The Africa Area is mourning the loss of two faithful leaders of the African church. Please pray for their families and the flock they leave behind.

Rev. Dr. Abraham Katwebe, National Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church of the Congo (DRC), passed away from cancer this past month. Jerry Manwaring tried to attend the funeral to represent the African Area, but was unable to secure a visa with short notice.

Rev. Bill Niemack, District Superintendent of the Transkei District (South Africa) also passed away from cancer this past month. Bob represented the African Area at the funeral and was honored to bring the funeral sermon.

We will be traveling around North America until mid-July.  Our schedule for this time follows:

June 17 - Trinity Wesleyan, Greenville, OH
June 18-22 - Missionary Training Institute, Marion, IN
June 24 - Greensburg Wesleyan Church, Greensburg, IN
June 27 - International Partnership for Ghana, Brockville, ON
July 1 - Woods Harbour Wesleyan, Woods Harbour, NS
July 6-15 - Beulah Camp, Browns Flat, NB
July 22 - Emmanuel Wesleyan, Roanoke, VA
Support Report
GP's financial year ends on August 31st, giving us two and a half months left. As of today, we are only $154 behind in donations from where we should at this point in time. Please help us pray that giving will remain strong during the summer months which historically often show a lag.

Thank you so much to those who give faithfully, sacrificially, and generously to our support! We deeply appreciate you continuing to stand behind us.

Online donations or monthly commitments can be made online by clicking here.

Praise Points
1. Praise the Lord for His watching over the African representatives as they traveled to General Conference.
2. Praise God for the godly example and heritage left behind by Dr. Katwebe and Rev. Niemack.

3. Praise God for financial provision for new Jesus Film teams.

4. We thank God for the opportunity to visit with Brenda's parents and with our daughters, Tracy & Mary Beth, this past week.

Prayer Requests
1. Ask for God's help as we share in services what God has been doing in and through the church across the African Area.

2. Pray that God will help us to connect well as we help with the training of new missionaries at the Missionary Training Institute.

3. Pray for God's help in meetings with churches and individuals who are involved in significant ways to partner with the African church and their ministries.

4. Ask God to protect and provide for the Nigerian church as they continue to work on building construction.

5. Pray for the church in Congo (DRC) and Transkei District (South Africa) as they adjust to new leadership.

6. Pray for God to strengthen Dr. Dennis Jackson as he adjusts to his new role as Executive Director of Global Partners.

Africa Area Prayer Calendar

A prayer calendar with requests for every day for July - August, 2012 is now available by clicking the following link: Africa Area Prayer Calendar. Feel free to share it with others who are interested in praying for God's work in Africa.

Lauren Gross, GoNet missionary to Zambia, recently put together prayer maps with photos of African leaders and GP missionaries to use as you pray.  You can access them by clicking on the following links: Missionary Prayer Map, and African Leaders Prayer Map.

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